Cancellation Policy offers you cancellation policies that can be effected further to initiating the cancellation procedure, subject to the following procedures: 

Cancellation Can Be Effected Only If The Order Is Cancelled Before The Order Is Confirmed In The WareHouse. You Can Find The Status Of Your Order in the “Order Show” Page.

Once the Order is cancelled, the paid amount received will be refunded to your bank account/Credit card Account/ Debit card Account within 15 Working days from the date of cancellation of order.

The Order, once shipped, cannot be cancelled.

Cancellation can be entertained only for the request received through a valid account holder of our website and the person placing the order can only cancel the order. 

Cancellation through any other means will be deemed as no cancellation.

If there is any discrepancy in Cancellation/Refund, the decision of shall be final and binding.